Unified Social Channel Aggregator

Our flagship product Bluwyre provide superior customer engagements across channels. From lead generation to customer management we help you with our thoughtfully curated bots and built-in advanced analytical engine.

Powered by AI/ML bots

Key Business KPIs Delivered

Brand engagement + Customer engagement analytics

Faster Impacts
Higher Incremental
Revenues & NPS
Better Customer Experience
& Reduce Churn Rate
Enhanced Capabilities

Our Differentiators

Flexible and Configurable

Take full control of the way you engage your customers

Readymade Webhooks

Leverage the power of webhooks to have a faster time to market

Lead to Conversion

We have you covered for your entire customer life cycle journey

Rapid Deployment

Whether you want a cloud based or on-premise solution, you have a 1-click ready deployment

Contact Centre as a Service

Provide 24x7 customer support over social channels

Low Code/No Code System

From bulk messaging to analytics you have all built-in cards and widgets for ready use

Platform Features

Create your own static or template messages and tune them with variables to provide a personalized engagement to your customers. You can also schedule bulk messages across channels through the built in schedule dispatcher.

Based on the past as well as current ongoing conversations with a consumer, the bot is constantly learning to provide the most relevant contextual information. It also takes into account the consumer sentiments to make sure the channels provide a no-nonsense and prompt response to your customers.

The platform provides a single view of the customer engagements across channels and a single bot serves the customer, irrespective of any channel he/she comes in, to provide a seamless response to any of the customer queries.

Open API's are available with complete documentation to make it easy to have all inbound and outbound integrations. Be it your CRM, Billing, Ticketing, Campaign Manager, Calendar or any IT application just plug and play using the API's provided.

The platform supports the mechanism to invoke a live agent to transfer the chat from any of the channels to the agent, who ensures the customer experience is top-notch.

The platform provides pre-curated analytical models, insights and reports which can be used by the business users to better understand customer engagement analytics and make more impactful decisions.

The system leverages a suite of industry standard tools to provide a super safe and secure access to the platform.

Getting Started

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