Our Story

Founded in 2019 by NIT-ians and seasoned Industry veterans across Software, Banking & Financial Services, Telecom, Manufacturing, Entertainment, Automobiles, Hospitality and Health Care.

Bluespacelabs is a tech startup focussed in creating technology and developing software for the purpose of facilitating enhanced customer experience through innovative solutions and services.

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Our Values

We use good judgement in our actions & decisions and implicitly have the trust from our colleagues to be able to do so. We are flexible, but we get our jobs done.

As individuals we are timely, candid, and respectful in providing feedback even when it's hard to do so. As a business, we lean towards sharing more information than less.

We believe in making connections and treat everyone as a family. No matter what kinda trouble you are having, you have our back.

On-boarding, or sales experience , we strive to be world-class in everything we do. "Am I proud to put my name on my work?" is the mantra we live by.

Driven by passion and commitment

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