Job Description

Jr QA Engineer

Any location | Exp: 2-4 Years

Bluespacelabs – QA Engineer

Any location | 2-4 Years

Key Deliverables

  • Creating Testing methodologies.
  • Plan the test strategy that would be conducted to evaluate the functional requirement and deliver the application withquality.
  • Product needs to be tested to validate the end-to-end functionality of the user stories.
  • Functionality Testing should factor techniques to design test cases to ensure optimum test efficiency.
  • Automation testing to test the UI of the application.
  • Functional test cases for API Testing
  • Creation of Test Cases and Scripts
  • Test Case: Manual steps depicting the functional flow of a business processes.
  • Test Scripts: Automation scripts testing the scenario covered in the manual test case.

Testing Areas Coverage Expected

Unit Testing
Component Testing

  • Micro-Frontend UI Components
  • BFF Entities
  • Biz Components
  • Amazon MSK (Kafka) Configuration
  • Persistent Data (read/write) Components
  • Integration Testing
  • System Testing

Functional Requirements

  • End to End (User) Scenarios
  • Browser Compatibility
  • Usability

Non-Functional Requirements

  • Performance
  • Scalability
  • Availability
  • Reliability

Software and tools requirement

  • Junit – Java•JEST – Javasript/React
  • JIRA – Bug Tracking
  • Selenium with TestNG- UI Automation
  • RestAssured – REST API testing
  • Traffic Parrot – Service virtualization
  • Wiremock – API mocking
  • Pact – Contract Testing
  • Testcontainers – Containerized PostgreSQL
  • Version Control – GitLab
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